START at the Flightkeys User Group Meeting 2022

The Flightkeys User Group Meeting 2022 took place in Vienna. It was an occasion to present START as one of FKYLab’s research projects for stable and resilient flight trajectories. In addition to this research line, the company is working on a cost-based aerosol avoidance project and also on a climate transparency app. The START project … More START at the Flightkeys User Group Meeting 2022

18th Technical Board meeting

The 18th meeting of the Technical Board of the SESAR-funded START project took place yesterday. This was an occasion to thank the team for their efforts in successfully completing the validation exercises. It is now time to analyse the results of the simulations. We will continue to share news about them!

START project at SIDs’21

We are pleased to inform you our poster proposal Towards a Stable and resilient ATM by integrating Robust airline operations into the network – Scientific Progress during the 1st year of START project, submitted to the SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs) 2021, has been accepted.