Communication Activities

Completed activities

SESAR & Engage KTN #TC2 3rd WorkshopPresentation of START Project
SESAR e-newsWhere to START in building resilience in air traffic management
UC3M Outreach Campaign
UC3M Press Release (ES)Inteligencia Artificial para aumentar la seguridad aérea ante tormentas
UC3M Press Release (EN)Artificial Intelligence to increase air safety in the face of storms
UC3M Press Release (CHI)应用人工智能提高抵抗风暴的航空安全 (PDF)
UC3M Press Release (FR)L’intelligence artificielle pour plus de sécurité aérienne face aux orages (PDF)
UC3M InterviewProyecto Start | UC3M (English subtitles available)
SESAR Innovation Days 2020Poster (PDF)
SESAR Innovation Days 2020Poster Teaser and Poster Video
IEEE/AIAA 40th Digital Avionics Systems ConferencePiece of news
Paper presented at DASC’21Post with link to the paper
Participation at SIDs’21Post
SESAR Innovation Days’21Video and poster
Presentation of START at Flightkeys’ User Group Meeting 2022Link to piece of news
Participation in the 12th EASN International ConferenceLink to summary
Project video promoted on the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller
Link to post+video

Intended activities

NumberCommunication activityDate
CA1Participation at each SESAR Innovation Days with a poster describing the status of the project.T0+06 (31/10/2020)T0+18 (31/10/2021)T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA2Participation at SESAR Innovation Days with scientific papers showing the progress of the project.T0+18 (31/10/2021)T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA3Publication of papers in scientific journals: Transportation Science, Transportation Research, Journal of Air Traffic Management, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics2020 and 2021
CA4Participation and presentation at scientific conferences (others that SIDs): International Conference on Research Air Transportation (ICRAT) and USA/Europe ATM Seminar.T0+13 (31/05/2020)T0+25 (31/05/2021)
CA5Organisation of a dedicated workshop to present the project’s results. This workshop will be organized by UC3M by the end of the project.T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA6After the workshop, publication of START press describing the major outcomes of the projectT0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA7Creation of START website ( (31/05/2020)
CA8Social Media (Twitter, Linked-In, Research Gate)T0+01 (31/05/2020)
CA9Uc3M outreach news1 after KoM1 at the end of project
CA10SESAR outreach news (newsletter)1 after KoM1 at the end of project
CA11Participation in Engage workshops (Jan’21 in TC2 and TC3)Once per year in TC2 & TC3
CA12Participation in SESAR digital Academy1 at the end of project
List of intended communication activities