START on International Day of the Air Traffic Controller

Every day more than 37,000 flights take off and land safely at European airports. Such a level of movement requires attentive and careful eyes able to quickly process the information and make the right decisions that lead to safety. The person capable of doing this is the air traffic controller and today, 20 October, the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller celebrates the relevance of this profession.

The role of air traffic controllers is crucial. However, innovation in the field of ATM can help their decision-making, especially in traffic situations where weather phenomena, such as thunderstorms, complicate stability and resilience.

To this end, the SESAR 2020 Exploratory Reaserch project START has been born. This project is developing, implementing and validating optimisation algorithms for robust airline operations in order to achieve a more stable and resilient ATM, even in disturbed scenarios.

Watch the video to learn more about the goals and achievements of the START project:

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