9th Technical Board Meeting

START Project is helding it´s 9th Technical Board Meeting today, June 9th. Those meetings are a monthly reunion to discuss the advance of START project, its milestones and deliverables and keep up to date the project members of the progress.

The agenda were as follow:

10:00 Opening (Welcome and agenda) -@ Manuel Soler

10.15  Project status, Reporting, IRM (WP1) -@ Manuel Soler  

10.45  Review of actions -@ Manuel Soler  

11.00 Status of Technical WPs (Progress and envisioned activities) 

  • WP2 -@ Andrés Muñoz  
  • WP3 -@ Emre Koyuncu
  • WP4 -@ Daniel Delahaye 
  • WP5 -@ Raimund Zopp 
  • WP6 -@ Alex Kuenz 
  • WP7 -@ Manuel Soler 

11:55   Review of new actions and next meetings.  -@ Manuel Soler- 

12:00   Closure -@ Manuel Soler

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